Being and making disciples who know God and make God known through worship, community, and mission.
November 19, 2020

Greetings Amazing Church!

We live in a wonderful world. We eat and drink amazing flavors, create art, laugh, love, hear the ocean’s crashing waves, see the reds and oranges of fall, and dance to music. We also live in a fallen world. We are part of a world with evil, division and viruses. Our society is outraged, consumeristic, estranged and polarized. Politics are seen and portrayed as our ultimate rescue and red/blue is prioritized over the Word and the Spirit. National, State and local leaders are often divided and doing their best to walk the line between two hard places. In all these things, we as believers are more than conquerers through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us all (Romans 8:37, 32).

As you probably know Yuba and Sutter counties are back in the purple tier. The heart of the River Valley leadership and staff is to always live honorably (be above reproach) within our society and to be amenable to the mandates of our governmental authorities. For now, we are going to continue our indoor, in-person gatherings with cautions that will best serve the flock and the society (i.e. masks required, social distancing, safe and sanitary environment, etc). As the weeks unfold this may change. Our desire is to be as consistent as possible but our requirement before God is faith and flexibility.

Please pray for us and give us the abundance of grace we need to navigate a complex and nuanced situation. We realize each member of our congregation will have various viewpoints on in-person gatherings, masks, and governing relationships. We plead with all people everywhere to know, enjoy and prioritize King Jesus, and the eternal fellowship (koinonia) of God and believers (1 John 1). This Fellowship has been purchased through Jesus' His life, death, resurrection and Spirit!

What is most critical for the future is not our personal preferences or our in-person gathering but our obedience to the Word and our love for people. God’s koinonia fellowship can be had in-person, on zoom or even in a text! So be flexible and ready to hear from Jesus along this journey. Remember that the Holy Trinity hovers above your bed every morning with great expectation and delight for the day.  May God grace you with His supernatural strength as you represent Him in various places.

If you have any concerns or questions or if there is any way that the leadership or church can serve you please let us know.

You are loved!