Being and making disciples who know God and make God known through worship, community, and mission.
5 Saturdays  @ River Valley Church {sanctuary}

May 15th
June 12th
June 26th
July 10th
July 24th
You're invited to
community, spiritual growth and your fellow sisters!

While engaging in those 3 areas can be life-giving,
they also can be slightly intimidating or scary at the same time.
The goal for the Ladies' Summer Study is to bring us together, under grace.
Grace for each other.
Grace for the material.
 Grace for the process.

We've never done this type of event/group before.
Isn't that a lesson we've learned the last 15+ months - -
we can survive  THRIVE-  in the unknown, the scary, the crazy, the process!!

We hope you feel the excitement of walking through Daniel,
reading the book Thriving in Babylon, and
reconnecting with the ladies of River Valley.

You probably have lots of questions.
Hopefully you'll find most answers below. If not, email me at

Dates & Times:  9:30-11:00am
** You don't have to attend all the sessions. Join us when you can!  {together, under grace}**
May 15th
June 12th
June 26th
July 10th
July 24th

BY MAY 15th
Purchase Thriving in Babylon by Larry Osbourne
Read Section 1: Daniel's Story
Begin reading the Book of Daniel.
Join the Ladies' Summer Study group in the RVC App 
{Settings > Notifications > Ladies' Summer Study}

"Day of" Schedule
9:20  Arrive and get settled
9:30  Welcome & opening prayer
9:40  Watch a teaching video about the section we read
10:00 Break into small groups (chosen in a fun, random way;) to discuss reading and teaching
           (the 1st week we'll take time to meet the ladies in our small group)
10:45 Reconnect as large group. Closing comments and prayer.
11:00  Dismissed & Reset chairs for Sunday.
          Then.... Maybe you go to lunch with your new friends? or Maybe you get a coffee and chat with a sister?

Did I cover everything? Let me know if I left out a detail.... someone else is thinking it, if you are.

I can't wait to see you Saturday, May 15th @ 9:20am ... or, you know, whenever;)

~ Tara Arden